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Title 2019 APEC SME Big Data & AI Forum 

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APEC SME Big Data & AI Forum 2019 was held at Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel, Repbuilc of Korea on October 24-25, 2019. The theme of this forum was "How Big Data & AI are Driving Business Innovation." It was hosted by APEC, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea (MSS) and organized by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME). This forum was for the SMEs to strengthen their capacity based on big data and AI technologies. By leveraging the technologies, which lead the 4th industrial revolution, the forum suggests the directioni the companies need to take, understanding the overall atmosphere and movement of the industry analyzing the cases of the participating APEC economiex and companies. Lastly, discuss how the companies will integrate Big Data & AI technologies to the future strategy.