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SMEIC Conferences and Workshops
1) APEC Start-up Conference
Date: June 11~12
Venue: COEX, Seoul, Korea
Attendees: SME policy development officials and start-up CEOs
Theme: í░Start-up Economy, Booting-up Economiesí▒
1.To share and benchmark know-how, support policies and success cases on entrepreneurship
    and entrepreneurial start-ups; further development of start-up support programs of member economies;
    innovation capacity build-up of new start-ups and SMEs.
2. To provide opportunity to create multinational start-ups; collaborative support systems to identify and cultivate     multinational start-ups
3. To help develop start-up support programs tailored to cultural and industrial requirements of each   economy
2) Green Initiative Workshopą▒
Date: April 2012
Venue: Brunei Darussalam
Attendees: SME policy development officials in the APEC region
Description: APEC SME Policymakers share their economiesí» Green Action Plans and discuss ways to promote green growth in APEC.
General SMEIC Events
1) Innovation Consulting
Recipients: Small and medium Enterprises in APEC economies
Description: Dispatch SBC in-house and external consultants to SMEs in APEC region and provide comprehensive diagnoses and consulting services to improve their corporate soundness and productivity
2) Communication Portal & Newsletter
Aims: To share information on the current issues that SMEs in APEC region are faced with
Description: The APEC SMEIC portal ( facilitates as 24-hour round-the-clock communication channel among APEC SMEs engaged in innovation. The contents of the portal include success cases and SME innovation policies of APEC economies.