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SMEIC Conferences and Seminars
A comprehensive listing of SMEIC events around the world
1) APEC SME Green Innovation Conference
Date: April 2011
Venue: Seoul, Korea
Attendees: SME policy development officials and SME representatives
Aims: To facilitate and enhance intra-APEC green cooperation with a view to creating green business opportunities for SMEs and supporting environmental regulation compliance
1. To share success stories of small, venture-backed renewable energy companies
2. To promote green industrial technology cooperation in the APEC region through a business matchmaking event.
3. To facilitate intra-APEC green cooperation by building a í░Green Growth Beltí▒
  responsible for SME innovation policies and it is partially funded by the project "APEC SME 01/2007A".
2) Green Initiative Workshop
Date: September 2011
Venue: Thailand
Co-sponsor: APEC SME Working Group
Attendees: SME policy development officials in the APEC region
Aims: To share and discuss í░Green Initiativeí▒ action plans to chart the direction of SME green innovation
General SMEIC Events
A comprehensive listing of SMEIC events around the world
1) Innovation Consulting
Recipients: Smaller companies in Indonesia, Mexico, and Malaysia
Attendees: Twenty small and medium sized companies
1. To dispatch consultants and provide support to Korean SMEs in the APEC region
2. To provide comprehensive diagnoses and consulting services to improve corporate soundness and productivity
2) Business Matchmaking Event
Date: May 2011
Venue: United States
Attendees: Ten small and medium sized companies
Aims: To expand business opportunities for low-carbon green SMEs thatwant to find business partners in the APEC region
Objectives:To provide consulting services on technology cooperation, joint ventures, and trade opportunities
Website Update and Periodical Publications
Aims: To share information on green activities, advanced green technologies, and innovation success stories
- To disseminate information on green policy and technology through the newly created
   í░APEC SME Innovation Policy Mapí▒
- To promote and advertise the website on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major internet portals
- To publish and disseminate an email newsletter to APEC SMEWG attendees